This is the NBSC Mission Statement.

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The Futures division is made up of 5 and 6 year olds. This division is designed to teach the basics of soccer. In this division, there may be some players that have some soccer playing experience. This is the next step up from our Little Kickers division so the players will be a little older and bigger and will be able to handle a more competitive soccer training. They will be taught by professional soccer trainers with games that could start as early as 10:00am. At this level there are no goalies and wins/losses are not kept track of for standings but you may see more organized games/scrimmages. 


Parent Involvement: 


Each team should have at least one parent volunteer to help the soccer trainers. This includes being the contact person for the rest of the parents on the team. It is expected that parents will be good role models for the children and that they will cheer on in a positive manner. If you are not a parent volunteer, you must remain on the sideline and let the soccer trainers coach and teach the kids. 


Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. We do not permit any physical or verbal abuse. If you do engage in any unsportsmanlike behavior you could be asked to leave the field. 




What you need: 


- Cleats

- Shin guards 

- Water bottle 


- What you get: 

- A team shirt

- A soccer ball